There has always been something special about Woxsen, right from the day we set out to make a difference to the world. It shows in our belief that we create the future through clarity of thought and purposeful action. Our determination to better the lives of all our stakeholders is reinforced every single day.

John Kennedy immortal words serve as a beacon in our journey: “The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”

As an educational institution, Woxsen’s ambitions go far beyond conducting educational programs for students, batch after batch. Our founder’s vision of creating a fountainhead of game-changers drives our thoughts and deeds to a far higher plane, which is visible in all we have established in our initial years. A 200-acre green campus that is stunning in several aspects. Faculty, whose expertise and accomplishments are outstanding. Infrastructure and facilities that are based on the latest technology.

And, we have just started out.

Students at Woxsen can expect a learning habitat that encourages deep thinking, experimentation and creativity. They will have the opportunity to interact with eminent people and organisations, leading to a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Working every day with peers of a high calibre and achievements will serve as a catalyst in significantly raising the capabilities of each student at Woxsen. At the end of the program, each student will be ready to serve as a valuable employee at an organisation or as an entrepreneur with a distinct goal.

Our faculty and researchers can expect an academically stimulating environment where students and peers motivate them to enhance their knowledge and accomplishments. Woxsen’s faculty are recognised in the country and beyond for their knowledge, teaching expertise and contribution to the lives of thousands of students. Publishing and research are vital for the growth of successful educational institutions – Woxsen focuses on work that is challenging and meaningful.

The corporate world working with Woxsen on projects, consultancy, executive education and who recruit our students can expect a very high level of professionalism, competence, motivation and ethics.

We have accomplished much in our first three years, which we consider as the strong foundation on which the edifice of Woxsen is being built. With confidence, we at Woxsen shall shape the future of business education in a very special way.

Best regards
Arvind Subramanyam

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