Admissions Open

Re-invent yourself & add to your valuable work experience. Acquire diverse skill-sets to unlock leadership roles or start your entrepreneurial journey at a global level.


If you are all of these and more…

  • - You are looking for a career change with higher growth potential

  • - You want to upskill to enhance your portfolio & add value to your work experience, for higher level positions in management

  • - You are an entrepreneur or inclined towards launching your start-up company


The duration of the Global MMS Program is of 2 years of which students will spend first 15 months at the campus learning through classroom trainings, projects, conclaves, seminars and more. The rest of the program will be delivered through online classes and industry project.


Working professionals with the following prerequisite, seeking to upskill and unlock leadership roles, should take up Woxsen’s Global Masters in Management Studies

  • - Undergraduate degree from any discipline, from a recognised university with min 60% aggregate marks

  • - 3+ years of work experience in responsible positions, from any sector

Admission Process
The Admission process at Woxsen is quite structured and comprehensive since every student is evaluated basis their Composite Score, as mentioned below.

  • STEP 1: Submit your GMAT, GRE, NMAT, XAT, CAT or WAT (Woxsen Aptitude Test) score

  • STEP 2: Schedule and complete your Psychometric Test

  • STEP 3: Tell us, who you are in the Personal Interview Round

About Woxsen's Global Master of Management Studies

In the competitive and complex business scenario of the VUCA world, companies are looking for business professionals who not only have domain expertise but have also acquired skills and knowledge in information assimilation and analysis, strategy formulation, risk management and decision making.

The Global MMS program serves a vital need of the economy – transforming professionals with technical/functional skills into managers and entrepreneurs. Learners in the program possess at least three years of experience in a business firm or not-for-profit organisation. The program builds on this foundation of business understanding, equipping them with skilled-based knowledge to play a key role in creating competitive advantage though data analysis, strategy formulation and decision making

What can you expect from this program?

  • - Manage innovation and change by using the power of technology

  • - Use data analytics for effective decision making

  • - Develop strategies using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

  • - Develop customer-orientated organisations adept in using digital marketing and big data analytics

The curriculum has been designed by a panel of academicians and professionals from industry who have ensured that the selection of courses in the program and content of each course matches the current and future requirements of the Indian and global economy. At the end of the program, students will indeed be ready to take on the challenges of a professional manager or an entrepreneur.

How will the program add value to your work-experience?

  • - Industry Practice with Stipend + Online Courses of 6 Months

  • - Payback starts in 15 months

  • - Highest ROI for Meritorious Students

  • - Global Exposure with International Student Exchange Program


Academic Area

Course Title

Marketing Marketing Management
Finance Financial Accounting
Human Resources Management Organization Behaviour
Information Technology Computer Programming with Java
Decision Science Business Statistics
Certification in Advanced Excel

Academic Area

Course Title

Marketing Digital Marketing
Finance Management Accounting
Human Resource Human Resource Management
Information Technology Programming Using Python
Decision Science Operation Research
Certification in Cloud Computing by Amazon

Academic Area

Course Title

Marketing Advanced Digital Marketing
Finance Fintech
Human Resource Management HR Analytics
Information Technology Big Data Analytics
Decision Science R Programming
Certification by SHRM

Academic Area

Course Title

Marketing Marketing Analytics
Finance Behavioural Finance
Supply Chain Supply Chain Analytics
Information Technology Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Decision Science Data Visualization
Certification in Watson by IBM

Academic Area

Course Title

Finance Fraud Analytics
Decision Science Simulations and Data Modelling
Decision Science Stochastic Processes
Information Technology Blockchain Technology
Information Technology Text Mining and Text Analytics
Certification in Natural Language Processing

Academic Area

Course Title

Strategy Business Strategy
Strategy Design Thinking
Economics Business Economics
Law Business Law and Cyber Law
Project Managementt Project Management
Industry Training

Professional Study Project of 3 Months. Students can also join jobs during this time.

International Student Exchange Program & Progressive Studies

Woxsen’s relentless efforts towards providing Global Exposure & Study Opportunity to its students has transpired into partnerships with World’s leading B-Schools/ Universities. Through the Exclusive Student Exchange Program and Progressive Studies, our meritorious students will get an opportunity to study abroad, broaden their knowledge and deepen their learning of the globalized business environment.

  • - To provide global exposure & international competencies to our students in Management studies.

  • - To promote international mobility of our meritorious students

  • - To acquaint students with challenges & opportunities in the international business world.

Global Partner B-Schools/ Universities for Student Exchange Program:

  • HHL Leipzig Graduate Management School, Germany holds the FT Global Rank 24. It is Germany’s First B-School to be accredited by AACSB (US) and ranks 5th in FT Ranking of European Business Schools.

  • IESA, Venezuela is a Triple Crown B-School, accredited by world’s largest accreditation bodies for business education: AACSB (US), AMBA(UK) & EQUIS (EU).

  • CENTRUM PUCPB Business School, holds is QS World Rank 17, it is also a Triple Crown B-School, accredited by world’s largest accreditation bodies for business education: AACSB (US), AMBA(UK) & EQUIS (EU).

  • Woosong University, South Korea ranked autonomous top tier university by Korean Ministry of Education, is an AACSB(US) accredited B-School.

  • Universidade Federal Do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil holds Global QS Ranked 380, Latam QS Rank 9 and Ranked 1 in Brazil among Federal Universities.

  • Leonard de Vinci Schools, Paris Accredited by global bodies AACSB(US) and EMFD (EU)

Our Global Partner B-Schools/ Universities for Progressive Studies:

Prepare for an increasingly interconnected and globalized business world. Define your international perspective with knowledge and practices of businesses in India and Europe, two of the world’s key economic centers.

Students opting for the progression option will complete 1st year of the program at Woxsen University and proceed to complete their 2nd year at either of the following partner schools. Credits earned will be transferred to School of Business, Woxsen University.

  • Antwerp Management School (AMS), Belgium holds FT Global Rank 37

  • Porto Business School (PBS), Portugal holds FT Global Rank 58)

Two Countries, Two leading Business Schools, Two Degrees

On successful completion of the set duration at Woxsen University and the partner schools, the student will be eligible to earn the following degrees:

  • Global MMS from Woxsen University

  • The Magellan MBA from PBS / Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Master in Management; Master in Global Management or Master in China-Europe Business Degree from AMS