If you are any of these and more…

  • - You want to unleash your creativity & engineering potential to build great products

  • - You are driven by innovation and want to step onto the turf of Disruptive Technology

  • - You want to learn & possess 21st century skills to compete successfully in a global environment

  • - You want to learn a wealth of knowledge that enables you to start your corporate career or aid you in becoming a star entrepreneur.

Completed 12th Grade or 10+2 in the discipline of Science from a recognized board with minimum 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and English Language as compulsory.

Admission Process
The Admission process at Woxsen is quite structured and comprehensive since every student is evaluated basis their Composite Score, as mentioned below.

  • STEP 1: Submit Entrance Test Score: IIT JEE Mains, VITEEE, AP & TS-EAMCET, MHT CET or Woxsen–JEET (W-JEET)

  • STEP 2: Schedule and complete your Psychometric Test

  • STEP 3: Tell us, who you are in the Personal Interview Round


International Applicants may check the eligibility at

Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. Next generation technologies like Quantum & Cloud Computing, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain are gaining traction and bringing more significant transitions. Computers are increasingly faster, more portable, and higher-powered than ever before. With all of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better, and more fun. It is required that the 21st century engineers stay apprised with the cutting-edge technologies to develop and deliver solutions to the world’s biggest technical challenges.

Bachelor of Technology is a professional degree awarded by Woxsen University covering the entire spectrum of new-age specializations. This program seamlessly integrates basic science concepts to the latest technologies with relevant practice through lab and projects for building the problem solving skills. Every element of the curriculum is carefully curated with inputs from industry professionals. Real-time projects and assignments that have immense applications in the real-world industry scenarios, help you fast-track your career effortlessly.

Basis our research on the latest industry trends, Woxsen has curated three exclusive Bachelor of Technology programs for our discerning student community. Let’s deep dive & understand how these programs will transform you into tomorrow’s technology leaders.

Are you inspired to build scalable applications and software which would transform human lives? Want to develop a complex structure for the financial markets like Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin? Then you should pursue Bachelor of Technology in computer science at Woxsen University*.

Computer science is a dynamic discipline, applicable to a diverse range of industries. This program explores cutting-edge innovation in experimental computer science, and provides you with a solid grounding of professional, real-world experience, with the right blend of advanced academic teaching and rigorous practicals to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and ability to engage with computing and computer science in a wide range of industries.

In particular, graduates will be able to attain significant knowledge and abilities in key technologies like Blockchain, Enterprise Network Design, Reinforcement Learning, Cloud Computing, Web Applications & many others.

Program Highlights

  • Advanced curriculum with rigorous practical exposure

  • 1:1 Mentoring from Industry Experts

  • Deep learning avenues like IT Workshop (SciLab/MATLAB)

  • Exposure to latest technologies like Blockchain, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Cloud computing & more

  • Three projects coursework

  • Pedagogical and scenario-based teaching / learning processes

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate capability in building complex web applications using Data Structures and Algorithms, Varied Programming Languages & Software methodologies.

  • Utilize Cloud Computing platform to develop & deploy microservices applications & monitoring, logging solutions

  • Demonstrate ability to study data scientifically, and use it to form, prove, and defend hypotheses.

  • Apply problem-solving skills and the knowledge of computer science to solve real problems.

  • Understand how technological advances impact society and the social, legal, ethical and cultural ramifications of computer technology and its usage

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What Are My Career Opportunities?

  • Computer Network Architect

  • Cyber-Security Analyst

  • Software Developer

  • Blockchain Developer Information Security Analyst

  • Mobile Application Developer

  • Embedded Developer

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence are currently gaining unprecedented traction in the industry as well as the job markets worldwide. Tech-giants are using these technologies to improve their products and services, evaluate their business models, and enhance their decision-making process.

Bachelor of Technology in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence provides you with the most advanced knowledge, methods and processes as enablers for deploying and modelling data science and artificial intelligence-based solutions to real-world problems.

Through capstone project, industry sneak peeks and case studies, this data science and AI engineering program will fully equip you for a stellar career as a data scientist who’s ready for the future.

Program Highlights

  • Advanced theory with rigorous practical exposure

  • 1:1 Mentoring from Industry Experts

  • Adoption of Data analysis and Visualization tools like MySQL, R & Python, Hadoop Tableau, Business Analytics & Machine Learning

  • Real life data sets and industry specialized case studies to get practical insights

  • Pedagogical and scenario-based teaching / learning processes

  • Industry endorsed curriculum delivered by top notch faculty

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate analytical & visualization ability with tools such as R & Python, Tableau, MySQL, Hadoop, Business Analytics & Machine Learning

  • Develop important skills in strategic thinking, for scientific research implementation and communication.

  • Operationalise scientific skills with the analysis, design, implementation & monitoring of IT & Big Data architectures.

  • Understand the various different digital marketing channels, affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM and content creation strategies.

  • Combine science and technology in application courses & projects requiring both, for dealing with industry-grade data science

  • Gain know-how of IT project management and the legal consequences of data handling, with a pinch of ethical thinking.

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What Are My Career Opportunities?

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Business Analyst

  • Quantitative Analyst

  • Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Consultant

  • Research Scientist

  • Machine Learning Engineer

The level of disruption as a result of the robot revolution has certainly changed society on a scale that hasn't been experienced since the Industrial Revolution. As robotic technology became widespread and deployment costs fell, businesses have realized that they can drive efficiency by deploying robots in environments which are unsafe or inhospitable to humans. Amazon's warehouse robots are a good example – as they bring items to human workers for packaging.

Bachelor of Technology in Automation & Robotics focuses on three key areas of robotics: Cognition, Perception, and Robot Modeling & Control. Our flexible program provides an ideal foundation for what today’s experts in robotics and intelligent systems need to know — from artificial intelligence, computer vision, control systems and machine learning to design, programming and prototyping of robotic systems.

Program Highlights

  • Advanced Curriculum with rigorous practical exposure

  • 1:1 Mentoring from Industry Experts

  • Real life data sets and industry specialized case studies to get practical insights

  • Advanced technologies like IoT and Industrial Robotic Systems, Nanorobotics, Human Computer Interaction.

  • Three projects coursework

  • AI & Robotics - Innovation & Research Lab

Learning Outcome

  • Learn and implement Principles of Human Interaction Design

  • Design advanced control methodologies and novel design techniques for complex human-like robotic system.

  • Design and build autonomous robotic system with Internet of things (IoT)

  • Design and implement simple & complex mechatronics system

  • Develop the ability to synthesize data and technical concepts for application to robotics design.

Download Detailed Program Outline

What Are My Career Opportunities?

  • Automated Product Design Engineer

  • Robotics System Engineer

  • Senior Robotics Specialist

  • Automation and Robotics Engineer

  • Robot Design Engineer

  • Robotics Programmers

  • Mechatronics Engineer


Applied Learning

  • Live Projects

  • R&D Lab

  • AI & Robotics Studio

  • Tech Fests

  • Symposiums

Trade Tower

Dedicated Incubation Center providing guidance, mentorship & seed funding to disruptive ideas.

Unique Curriculum Design

Research & Inputs from Leading Academicians & Industry Experts.

Industry Connect

  • Industrial visit

  • Seminars

  • Conclaves

  • Guest Lectures & more

Maximum Career Impact

  • Dedicated Career Coach

  • Skill Development Workshops

Placement Assistance

Dedicated placement cell providing assistance for internship & final placement

Opportunity to participate in Woxsen’s Student Exchange Program

Our Partner Universities:

  • Woosong University, South Korea ranked autonomous top tier university by Korean Ministry of Education, is an AACSB(US) accredited B-School

  • Universidade Federal Do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil holds Global QS Ranked 380, Latam QS Rank 9 and Ranked 1 in Brazil among Federal Universities.

  • Leonard de Vinci Schools, Paris Accredited by global bodies AACSB(US) and EMFD (EU)

  • Caucasus University, Georgia: Ranked among the Top Global Universities, Caucasus University extends its exchange program for students of Business, Technology & Architecture.

Objectives of the Student Exchange Program

  • - To provide global exposure & international competencies to our students in Management studies.

  • - To promote international mobility of our meritorious students

  • - To acquaint students with challenges & opportunities in the international business world.