Woxsen’s faculty members (both resident and visiting) are recognized experts in their fields, always seeking new knowledge and new practices for business. More importantly, our faculty members pursue excellence in thought leadership in fields related to new ventures and startups.

Woxsen faculty is dedicated to education and to ensuring that Woxsen’s graduates have the knowledge and skills to be effective as game changing entrepreneurs and business leaders in today’s ever changing business world.

Woxsen supports several key centers for excellence that nurture research in areas related to new enterprise management.

Centre for Management Research (CMR)

Research with an innovative and technologically driven vision. The university research community is committed to preparing students to thrive in a time of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, Quantum computing and Robotics.

Knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination are two core objectives of the CMR. The knowledge created by a university advances education and society at large and can be disseminated with the publication of research output from the university. Therefore, the School of Business has established the Centre for Management Research (CMR) to create world-class research in the management and technology domain.


To contribute impactful knowledge to theory and practice with rigorous research in business and management.


  • To involve faculty members and students in academic research of high relevance in management practice
  • To collaborate with top universities located in India and abroad for research projects
  • To collaborate with government and private agencies for research projects
  • To contribute to the overall excellence of Woxsen University (WoU)


  • To attain the research output standards and quality defined by WoU.
  • To train and support faculty members, scholars, and students in research activities.
  • To organize events that promote the visibility of research output among the academic community.
  • To motivate faculties and students to publish their research results.

Overview of CMR’s activities::

  • 1. Academic Research
  • 1. Sponsored Research Development
  • 3. Case Study Development & Whitepapers
  • 4. Industry-Academia Connection
  • 5. Coordination of Academic Symposiums/ Conferences/ Summits.

Core Facilities:

State-of-the-art AI & Robotics Lab

Woxsen Library

Center for Operations Excellence:

While research on entrepreneurship has grown substantially over the past decades, inquiries at the intersection between operations management and entrepreneurship are relatively scarce. However, there are substantial synergies between operations management and other disciplines, and research into how these fields interface is mightily beneficial to the world of entrepreneurs. For instance, operations management involves processes but also relies heavily upon the ability to innovate and operationalize in a dynamic environment. Moreover, operations management and supply chain management can facilitate the creation of sustainable competitive advantage that can lead new businesses to better manage inventory and at the same time efficiently service customers. The center for operational excellence shall support applied research that specifically looks at these synergies. The center will develop research streams that deal with the intersection of operations, and other critical disciplines that entrepreneurs have to deal with.

Center for Social Media Management & Marketing:

The role of marketing is fundamentally changing in a world characterized by a whole new series of tools, whether it be blogs, social networking, or user-generated content. Most organizations today are struggling to adapt to a fundamentally new paradigm in managing their brands, product portfolios and customer relationships. The implications on pricing, channels, advertising, measurement, product design, and media mix are undergoing real scrutiny. In this context, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand the power and perils of social media channels so that they can put these new media to good use for various organizational functions. However, not much is known about entrepreneurial firms can beneficially apply social media for various functions of the firm, and in a cost effective manner. The center support research in the following areas:

A) Understand the role of social networking channels in influencing consumer behavior.
B) Survey how particular companies are using new social networking technologies and develop useful case studies.
C) Conduct seminars and symposiums that discuss the future of marketing in light of 24/7 ubiquitous real-time access to customers and the broad strategic implications of multichannel/multi-device customer experiences and services.
D) Apply the concepts to develop potentially new promotional strategies for real world start-up firms.

Center for Entrepreneurial Strategy:

Strategic management seeks to explain and predict variations in enterprise performance that arise from differing strategies, organizational designs, and environmental conditions. These are all critical aspects of entrepreneurial success. However, current research and teaching material is particularly focused on explicating issues surrounding strategy in large and established organizations. That leaves a large gap in terms of our understanding of how strategy is applied (and evolves) in a start-up firm. The center for entrepreneurial strategy shall support world-class and cross-disciplinary research that will generate teaching material in forms of entrepreneurial strategy related case studies and journal articles much needed in the management space.