Dear Recuiter

Woxsen School of Business invites you to the placement season of the Class of 2018.

At Woxsen, students learn how to apply the knowledge acquired in classrooms to industries and markets. Their careers are viewed not just in terms of their first job after post-graduation but as a path-breaking journey of their career and life. Placement services at Woxsen involves development, refinement, management and fulfilment of their career aspirations and taking strong steady steps to take their careers forward.

We believe that the students of Woxsen have an edge over other graduates from similar programmes mainly because of the world class faculty teaching them and the international exposure they get as part of their immersion module. The school’s vision to be a global business school is strengthened through its partnership with Nanyang Business School, Singapore and Mannheim Business School, Germany. Visits to both these FT top 50 ranked institutions have instilled great confidence in our students who are now confident of facing the rigours of the corporate world.

Entrepreneurship is deep-rooted in the culture of Woxsen and it can be felt in every student. The PGPXP class goes through the Trade Tower module which encourages them to think with an entrepreneurial mindset and create innovative solutions. Even the PGDM class have some entrepreneurship related subjects as part of their curriculum through which they hone their analytical skills and fuel their entrepreneurial spirit.

I extend a warm welcome to your company to visit us during this placement season. Our graduates are well equipped with the necessary skills to take on global business challenges and are sure to be an asset to your company.

Prakash Pathak
Director-Corporate relations & placements

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