WOXSEN ™ Post Graduate Programs are offered with variation in features and format. Although the choice rests with the aspirants, the school however prescribes a certain minimum preparedness/entry criteria mainly in terms of number of years of work experience.

Students with a minimum of 2 years of work experience are ideal to join the 1-year program while students with lesser experience would most likely be considered for the 2-year format. All those eligible to apply to 1-year format are equally eligible to apply to 2-year format. Broadly, the curriculum (in terms of courses) is similar for the 1- and 2- year program. At the same time, there are major differences in the delivery methods and student engagement/experiences within and outside the campus, mainly from the perspective of the amount of time each groups spends in the campus, and also the level of maturity and knowledge.

Decisive moments define the WOXSEN ™ pedagogy. Here, everything from core courses, experiential learning, finetuning of business plan to competing for access to the WOXSEN ™ Fund, culminates in one larger lesson—what it means to own and scale an idea successfully. The issues that you would navigate would be complex, the stakes very high, and the demands outrightly challenging. But when you leave WOXSEN ™ you will have better understood the lessons in ownership that surely would be practical, priceless and most of it very real world.

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