Prof. Anthony Bendell
Former Rolls-Royce funded Professor (University of Leicester),
Alumnus, London School of Economics

Respected academic, experienced consultant and trainer, and internationally recognized expert on Business Management, Change Management, Governance & Enterprise Risk Management, Organizational Excellence, Strategy, Leadership, Quality Assurance, Quality Management and Lean Operations, Prof. Bendell also has an interest in public sector development and reform.

He is a well-known invited keynote speaker at Conferences and Events worldwide and was formerly the Rolls-Royce funded Professor of Quality & Reliability Management, at the University of Leicester UK. Previously he also held the post of East Midlands Electricity Professor of Quality. Prof. Bendell has had both an outstanding academic career and an extensive professional consultancy and training role at the highest level within both private sector organizations and the public sector. He has worked as an associate consultant of Coopers & Lybrand, and subsequently trained management consultants for Deloitte. He is a leading figure in the UK and international quality and productivity improvement and excellence and public sector transformation movements. He has published extensively and is principle author of the best selling Financial Times book on Benchmarking, which is available in 6 languages, as well as the FT book on Implementing Quality in the Public Sector. His new book on `Developing Anti-Fragile Organizations; Governance, Opportunity and Risk in Turbulent Times’ was published by Gower in July 2014. This examines the shortcomings of conventional risk analysis, the impact of `black swans`, and the strategic, cultural, process and people requirements for the development of systems and organisations that get stronger from being stressed.

Prof. Bendell has always been at the forefront of business and public sector innovation and practice. He was a major contributor to the UK National Quality Campaign, and the Managing in the 90`s programmes. He chairs the MS6 Technical Committee of BSI, which has responsibility for process efficiency, effectiveness and improvement. He did most of the development work on the creation of the ISO13053 international Six Sigma standard and is working on a new auditable ISO Lean Management and Six Sigma standard. He also chairs the Royal Statistical Society Quality Improvement Section. He was lead consultant to DTI on the Quality Assurance requirements for Business Links, has trained Senior Civil servants for the Cabinet Office, and lectures to postgraduate business students on Enterprise Risk Management. He has Board member experience in the private and voluntary sectors, and has advised and mentored senior managers and Board members, to the highest level.

Prof. Bendell is an alumnus of London School of Economics and Sheffield Hallam University, UK.