Prof. Matthew Brown
University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Being an educator means paying attention to what interests others. That is why I practice action learning. It stretches everything: other's interests, my perspective, and makes complex problem-solving fun. I spent years in adventure education. AE taught me real living is not only about striving for self-gain or merely solving problems. AE taught me how to give of myself freely in serving others especially those young climbers (everyone is some sort of climber) who may need "my special" help to proceed or just get down safe in order to climb another day. I aim always ready to serve, to strive and not to yield...still my credo from Outward Bound.

Surprising to many who know me, I did earn a Ph. D. at the University of Michigan. It was a wonderful ordeal. I remain a committed educator because I adopted a deeper passion for continuous forms of learning, I am not aiming to reach any perceived end goal or an imagined summit...I thrive on learning and sharing new ideas and bravely facing change. I am working at being a better leader (and courageous follower)...and a role model for my family. It is a private quest that I work at diligently and daily make more public. I live an amazingly rich life guided by a simple generative idea...give it away.

There is still much to do...much to give away. And I am in a hurry these days...We (my family and I) finished building the house we dreamed up years ago...Now, I have to help my only daughter navigate to college life soon...My life revolves around my two special and loving women: my wife and my only daughter, Josie. So, I must give them all the time they smart as a collaborator, volunteer and a learner. What have I learned?...that my humility, good humor, and compassion are my best guides and my true sources of strength.