We believe that the time is right to nurture entrepreneurship. Woxsen understands that developing entrepreneurs goes much further than teaching management. We also understand that an entrepreneur is not a personality type. Woxsen School of Business has been established to take up this challenge, creating an ecosystem where entrepreneurs can be trained and nurtured.

A strong focus on practice, experience and hands-on learning has led us to integrate the best facets of learning – an entrepreneurship based curriculum and a body of resident and visiting faculty who are entrepreneurs first and professors next. Woxsen’s infrastructure and resources nurture innovation and its vast network of business leaders and investors mentor students through their journey.

Located in an impressive 200-acre campus in Hyderabad, Woxsen School of Business offers programs focused entirely on developing entrepreneurial thinking and action. Apart from the flagship Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneur Development, Woxsen will focus on pioneering research and learning interventions on Social Entrepreneurship and Public Policy.

To develop an outstanding cadre of leaders who will help make Indian industry globally competitive.

  • To enrich the student learning experience by developing a globally aligned curriculum and exposing them to the learnings of academicians and practitioners from India and Overseas
  • Developing a learner-centric pedagogy that emphasises learning by doing and self-driven learning, preparing them for constantly evolving roles in industry.
  • To make intellectual contributions through research and executive education aimed at influencing practice in industry.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Imparting Knowledge: Develop the ability to utilize professional knowledge acquired through an emphasis on application in business situations.
  • Imparting Skills: Develop the ability to apply professional skills in order to execute managerial tasks independently.
  • Building Attitude: Develop the right professional attitude towards the organization, the customer group, team members and society in general to deliver desired results of high quality in a time-bound manner.

Elaboration of PEOs


  • Imparting Knowledge: The professional knowledge imparted needs to go beyond theoretical concepts. It needs to be related to business situations to demonstrate its relevance to industry and the manner in which it can be applied in practice. Since much of management theory is derived from practice, reference to practice is extremely important. Hence the PEO is to enable students to utilize professional knowledge in practical situations.

  • PEO 2

  • Imparting Skills: Students need to develop specific skills in order to be proficient in working in professional capacities. PEO2 focuses on skill development in addition of imparting knowledge so that students are industry ready and can work independently on completion of the program.

  • PEO 3

  • Building Attitude: It is important to make work meaningful and associate it with a higher purpose. The right attitudes that would relate the work with the goals of the organization, the customer group, team members and society in general.

Academic Objectives
  • To provide an open and conducive environment for research and education in the field of management to further its practice and scholarship.
  • To conduct PG Programs in entrepreneur development by providing both practice as well as enterprise management knowledge through an integrated system of mentoring and teaching by nationally and internationally distinguished faculty, practitioners and industry leaders.
  • To provide an appropriate environment, training opportunities and support for the development of purposeful business leaders.

Academic Values
  • Accord top priority to the needs of our students.
  • Providing highest quality of education and associated support services.
  • Equal opportunity policy.
  • Team spirit inculcated through mutual cooperation, support and participative decision-making.
  • Respect and care for every individual associated with us.
  • Professional growth of every individual through an objective evaluation of performance.
  • Encourage innovation and creativity by welcoming challenges and suggestions and by accepting risk.
  • Be a responsible and good citizen.

How is Woxsen Different?
Several attempts have been made to develop programs focusing on entrepreneurship, most of which have been PG modules in institutions across India.

So how is Woxsen different?
  • Woxsen exclusively focuses on ‘entrepreneurial attitude and skills’.
  • The Woxsen Trade Tower helps students acquire resources and strategies to develop their ideas.
  • The Woxsen Fund assesses and invests in business plans developed by the students.
  • Woxsen has international visiting faculty, from renowned institutions such as Harvard, Stanford and Kellogg that provide their expertise and insights.
  • The Centers for Excellence are dedicated to the teaching, research and outreach of entrepreneurial activities
  • Unique Enterprise Oriented LOCS Curriculum.

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